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I'm excited to welcome our first lab members soon, which include a few undergrads and a graduate student. I'll post more information on them soon!

Interested in engaing with the lab?

Undergrads at UNC are always welcome to come chat about opportunities to enage with the lab. Occassionally, we have opportunities to pay students to help us with research activities like processing data.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to get in touch to discuss opportunities, but please see the general info below FIRST.

Initial Meeting

Prior to applying to the department (see below), interested prospective students should get in touch with me to discuss 1) research interests and career goals, 2) potential funding opportunities, and what aspects of our work are most interesting. In addition, I will ask for a CV and writing sample to assess the level of preparedness. The prospective students that are the best fit for the lab and are most prepared for a graduate program will be invited to apply to the Graduate Program in Geography (see below).


My graduate students are typically supported on a mix of teaching and research assistantships to cover tuition, stipend, and other costs such as health insurance. These funds change annually and depend on things such as the number of state-funded teaching assistants available to our department and the amount of research funds I have available. 

Application Timeline

The application to the Graduate Program in Geography and Environment at UNC is due in Early December. After that, the faculty meet to evaluate applications and select a cohort of students to whom positions are then offered in January. Those students typically have until April to decide, and are invited to a recruitment event in March to get a better idea of what life is like in the department and in Chapel Hill.

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