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Currently, the courses I teach are primarily directed towards undergraduate students from across the university. As such, I try to facilitate engagement and interaction as much as possible, so that we can all learn from eachother's diverse experiences and perspectives.  



Some of the courses that I've taught are listed below. 



GEOG 212 - Environmental Conservation and Global Change

University of North Carolina - Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

This discussion-based course provides students with a broad overview of the ways humans affect the environment and how differences in human values add the complexity of ecological systems to create problems that are difficult to solve. As such, students develop skills relavent to problem solving, collaboration, and science communication.

GEOG 215 - Spatial Data Science

University of North Carolina - Spring 2023

This course will introduce students to data science with a focus on spatial (geographic) data, which are data that are referenced to a particular location on Earth’s surface. Students will learn concepts, techniques, and tools they need to apply various facets of data science practice, including data collection, management, and integration, descriptive modeling, exploratory spatial data analysis, and effective communication via data visualization and mapping. Real world examples and datasets spanning physical, social, and health sciences will be used throughout the course in an effort to promote contextual learning.

WIS 6934 - Remote Sensing in Ecology Using Google Earth Engine

University of Florida - Fall 2020

This short-course aimed to provide students with the understanding and technical skills to scale their ecology research questions to continental and global scales using freely available satellite imagery and other remote sensing data. 

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